čtvrtek 13. října 2016

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: We attended The Sims community event in Warsaw!

Následující článek je určen anglický mluvícím čtenářům. V češtině je k dispozici zde!


It’s October 10, 2016 and we are heading to the biggest event in our life (kinda). It’s The Sims 4 City Living community event, organized by EA Poland.


Defi and me (Adam) got this huge opportunity to be part of this event in the capital of Poland, Warsaw, together with other YouTubers, Let’s Players, bloggers and also fans from Poland. We would like to thank everyone who helped us with this journey.

(Google Maps)

It’s still early morning, day before the event. One plane from Prague, where Defi is, another from London, where I am. After happy reunion in Warsaw we just can not wait for tomorrow. Community event starts around 11am. We are going to the club Level 27, which is located (surprise) on the floor 27 one of the skyscraper. According to the visitors, it has one of the most beautiful views of the skyline. We have no doubt about it.

Polish colleagues and we are greeted by the EA community manager. And, of course, he welcomes also the most respectable guest - Grant Rodiek, producer of The Sims 4 and City Living expansion pack. He came from sunny California, USA, to meet the European fans and show us all the new stuff in the game.

Grant’s presentation is not ending but with Defi we are already applauding because the game looks awesome. Grant says the most important inspiration for this expansion pack are probably their own stories and experience with living in their first apartment

It’s here! We are the first fans playing City Living expansion pack. We can not wait to load the first apartment in brand new world San Myshuno, choose new carriers or simply walk through street festivals. We will talk about the new expansion pack more in depth soon!

Our schedule is pretty busy but it’s still really fun and full of surprises. Absolutely incredible show presented by mulitple winner of mixology competitions with stunning barman tricks but also tips for everyone. Oh yeah, and the food. It was really extraordinary. 

We already played a lot and we have plenty of questions for Grant, producer of this expansion pack. We recorded most of this interview and we will post it as soon as possible.

Last screenshots, last selfies with Grant (I wanted to look on fleek, well, didn’t happen) and we are getting to the end of this amazing event. It’s incredible when you are talking with someone who participated in developlment of this game. We can’t believe it’s gone that fast but already we are preparing to show you all the photos and vlog. 

We want to show you even more, so you will see more and more of the content soon.

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